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Go-ahead for cross-border light rail

The Maastricht city council has issued planning approval for the city centre section of the cross-border light rail line that will connect Maastricht and Hasselt.[more]

Urgency of double track recognised

Through on-site visits of DB representatives and members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the need for double track between Dülken and Kaldenkirchen becomes more apparent.[more]

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German ICE train at St.Pancras
Permission finally granted

Three years after Deutsche Bahn’s initial test run through the Channel Tunnel, the company has received the green light to offer regular service to London.[more]

Track expansion rated positively

As reported in “Rheinische Post”, the expansion to dual track between Kaldenkirchen and Dülken will be part of Germany’s Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan from 2015 onward.[more]

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A step further for intelligent transport systems

On 16 and 17 July 2012, the transport and telecommunications ministers met in an informal council in Nicosia to discuss how to optimise the use of information and communications technologies for transport. [more]

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Kallas focuses on the potential of rail

On 24 September in Brussels, at the conference on the fourth railway package, European Commissioner for Transport Siim Kallas spoke in favour of a genuine, single European railway.[more]

Cross-border combi-ticket for Floriade 2012

The Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV) has arranged the "SchönerTagTicket NRW-Floriade 2012" for easy and comfortable transport to the World Horticultural Expo in Venlo, the Netherlands.[more]

Seemless Transport: Making Connections

The International Transport Forum will meet in Leipzig, Germany, from 2–4 May 2012 to examine among others how seamlessness can be improved and what it will take to make complete connectivity a reality.[more]

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Rail: The final frontier?

Prominent players in the rail industry as well as transport politicians together with representatives of the EU commission discussed RoCK core issues at the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council in Lille.

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NRC Handelsblad addresses RoCK issues

In the wake of the RoCK workshop during the Open Days 2010 in Brussels the Netherlands daily NRC Handelsblad picks up the difficulties to implement a single European rail market without the bottleneck of national borders.[more]

The Future of Rail

In looking at how Europe will develop demographically, the Euorpean Parliament has come up with solutions that align with RoCK priorities[more]

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ICE Service to London as early as 2012

For the first time ever, a high-speed ICE train from Germany rolled into London after completing a series of tests in the Eurotunnel. Regular service to London could start as early as the 2012 Olympic Games.[more]

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Totally transport

Local and national representatives came together to discuss the price of mobility at the Regional Review’s Green Streets conference. Article Regional Review by Martin Banks. We all know our towns and cities are becoming...[more]

Article RoCK kick-off event Green Streets

Launch of Regions of Connected Knowledge (RoCK) Why international, interoperable and consumer friendly rail services are so important for knowledge regions. (Parliament Magazine September 2009)[more]

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