The AVV is a regional client body founded in 1994. The authority incorporates 4 municipalities: City of Aachen, Aachen county, Düren county, Heinsberg county.
AVV operates on 3 levels:

the political level:

The political level is represented by the association. It consists of 20 deputies, 5 for each county.

the management level:

the AVV founded a management company to execute various tasks. Exclusive owner is the AVV association.

the operative level:

8 public transport companies are involved in the AVV. Furthermore there are numerous cooperation agreements with neighboring operators. The public transport companies are continiously involved in the activities of the AVV through comissions and advisory boards.

Communities are involved in development processes through regional advisory boards. The close cooperation between companies and the AVV is an essential prerequisite for the successful development of public transportation in the region.

The RoCK project offers an excellent opportunity to take the interweaving of local and and long-distance traffic one step further.
The advanced research on integrated ticketing and marketing promises to enhance the usage of common transportation even further.

AVV is partner in the IC-connection Eindhoven-Heerlen-Aachen, the integrated ticketing and marketing and the RWTH-CampusBahn.


Project ended December 2015