Interaction between knowledge regions will become increasingly important in the future. That is why Brainport Eindhoven wants to strengthen its transport links with German knowledge regions such as Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart through Düsseldorf – the closest access point to the German High Speed Train network.

New markets and modal shift

The new Eindhoven-Düsseldorf line will develop a new rail market, and will reduce the market share of the car in this corridor. The new Maastricht-Brussels Express provides tangible proof that new rail links can create new travel markets, and that they really do instigate modal shift. Maastricht now has around five times more rail passengers using this link than before.

Connecting airports and relieving the road network

The citizens of the Brainport region can choose between several regional and national airports. One of the popular choices is to fly from Düsseldorf. Up to now, the first leg of this journey has been by car. The new Eindhoven-Düsseldorf rail link is intended to capture this market by servicing the airport directly. This will relieve the congested road network and provide a sustainable travel alternative.

Eindhoven is the lead partner in the IC-connection Eindhoven-Venlo-Düsseldorf and partner in the IC-connection Eindhoven-Heerlen-Aachen.


Project ended December 2015