Kent County Council



The County of Kent is the largest of the non-metropolitan counties in England, with a population of about 1.5 million living in the 19 towns and numerous villages which form the county's settlements.

A high proportion of residents in West Kent commute daily to their places of employment in London, while the advent of High Speed rail services to North and East Kent has seen a dramatic increase in commuting to London from these parts of the county.

The RoCK project is an important part of Kent County Council's rail policy, which is committed, with our partners at Conseil Regional Nord Pas de Calais, to the delivery of an enhanced international rail service which would link together Kent's international stations of Ebbsfleet and Ashford with those at Calais Frethun, Lille Europe and Brussels Midi more frequently than today.

A key element of the RoCK project in Kent is the initiative taken by Kent County Council to finance, with partners and with EU grant, the conversion of the Ashford Spurs, which would enable the future generation of international trains to continue to serve Ashford. 

Have a look on Kent County Council's transport policy.

Project ended December 2015