Parkstad Limburg


Parkstad Limburg

The future-oriented and sustainable regional and transregional connectivity development has a positive effect on all aspects of the region of Parkstad Limburg.

Mobility and connectivity is a precondition for prosperous economic centres, living areas and touristic zones.

Provisions on the area of mobility (improvements on quality,expansion of possibilities) are focused on the enhancement of international connections and the stimulation and simplification of economic structural growth and stability, but also on the living quality and the attractiveness of the region.

RoCK provides us with the knowledge to improve the international railway links. It will give solutions for interoperability in the Parkstad Limburg-Aachen region between Dutch and German rail networks, integrated marketing and ticketing. With this it stimulates the use of public transport and connects economic centers across the borders - Essential for the development of the region Parkstad Limburg.

Project ended December 2015