Located on the river Meuse and at the hub of major highways, Venlo has a long tradition as a trading city.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Venlo horticulturalists discovered the extensive German market. Since then, the Venlo area has developed into a centre for agribusiness.

The exporting horticulturalists showed Venlo the way. Venlo developed into a transport city and later became a logistics hub.

The industrial development of Northern Limburg started in Tegelen. It’s main exponents being the clay and metalworking industries. Venlo kept up this tradition and is now home to a significant high-tech and manufacturing industry.

The RoCK partners Eindhoven, Venlo, Mönchenglabach and the new partner Düsseldorf have chosen to cooperate rather than to compete on this specific issue. The partners have a common understanding that to work as one economic region good local, regional and interregional connections regardless of national borders are a precondition for sustainable economic growth in the future with connections to Duisburg, Köln, Berlin and München.

Venlo is a partner in the IC-connection Eindhoven-Venlo-Düsseldorf and the integrated ticketing and marketing.


Project ended December 2015