In general, RoCK seeks to make smart small-scale investments with large impact on connectivity. The project tackles technical barriers for quality improvement, but also barriers concerning institutional contexts.

For international accessibility and promotion of transnational public transport, cooperation in concrete cross-border projects between stakeholders is necessary, but also communication actions to create new alliances and improvement on high EU levels, building on the Interreg IIIB HST-community.

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The main issues in this project are:

  • Development of an interoperability systems on the railway track Eindhoven-Venlo-Düsseldorf.
  • Finding a hybrid solution for the connection Eindhoven-Heerlen-Aachen.
  • Safety and system integration for the dutch-belgium line Maastricht-Hasselt to improve speed.
  • Transfer of financing improvements for development structures, taking advantage of the experiences of previous projects.
  • Targeted workshops, canvassing meetings and strategic groups to tackle EU-level barriers, in cooperation with the HST community and by using RoCK showcases.
  • Business case for an ultra modern public transport system to connect the new campus areas at the RWTH Aachen with the station Aachen West. 
  • Concrete steps towards integrated ticketing with pilots in different directions: pda-based ticketing systems, web-based booking facilities.
  • Information supply via WiFi network
  • Strategic marketing of the cross-border connection Eindhoven-Heerlen-Aachen by using national and transnational marketing.
  • Strategic marketing tools to encourage behavioural change by providing targeted information.
  • Transnational working groups will exchange on and evaluate investments and project pilots.

Project ended December 2015