Quelle: Grafik TEMA AG, Kartengrundlage © OpenStreetMap und Mitwirkende, CC-BY-SA

Project: RWTH-Campusbahn


Visualisation of the Campusbahn in front of the Elisenbrunnen, Quelle: TEMA AG

Project milestones

March 2013
Referendum 'Campusbahn': The citizens of the city of Aachen, voted on Sunday 10 March 2013. A two-thirds majority was against the reintroduction of a tram in Aachen. The project "Campusbahn" is therefore not pursued.

The turnout was 43.0 percent. The statutory quorum - 10 percent of the eligible voters had to vote for one of the two alternatives - has been reached, the referendum is therefore valid.

February 2012
Download the new flyer and brochure of the RWTH-Campusbahn.

February 2012
New website with all the news and information (German) on the RWTH-Campusbahn: www.campusbahn.de

October 2010
Read the article 'Welche Bahn für Aachen?'

Positive cost-benefit calculation (“Standardisierte Bewertung”)

January 2010
There is only a positive cost-benefit calculation when the light rail line is extended beyond the Central Bus Station.

After a very detailed study to find the right system a light rail system proved to be the most cost efficient system per kilometre. Furthermore, an integration in the existing urban transport system is possible, and the light rail could be extended into the city centre. Please have a look at the presentation of the feasibility study "RWTH-Campusbahn Peoplemover".


Project ended December 2015